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3D Mandala Wall Art:

Updated: Jul 29, 2021

Typically a 'Mandala' is a geometric configuration of shapes & symbols, the concept of mandalas have been around since the first century – mandala designs symbolises the idea that life is never ending and everything is connected.

Kintra Kraft 3D framed Mandala paper craft wall art are just as timeless in design & for me personally I chose this design medium because my passion for handmade crafts & the creative process also has endless enthusiasm and is never ending & always evolving…. I also love how these artworks look.

I take time to select the perfect & complimentary colour pallet of high quality cardstock, the design is selected & adjusted depending on my goal for the final work. Then I separate the different layers with a variety of heights to create depth & an eye catching design for all ages.

These artworks would be a great dynamic gift for family & friends to suit any room. Why buy mass produced prints when you can support local artist;

I create & sell as individual pieces, however please contact me if you wish to purchase any design in a higher quantity - for example a row of three for a hall way or a cluster of four for a larger body of work.

Central 3D design is 30x30cm & total frame size is: H46cm / W46cm / D3cm; and are very light weight making them easy & safe to hang.

Designs can be custom ordered depending on your personal taste & colour pallet.

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