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Polymer Clay Jewellery:

Updated: Jul 28, 2021

I have branded my polymer clay jewellery collections 'Kintra Klay' and I hope to delight you and over time offer various collections for my customers or would be a perfect to gift to a loved one or special someone.

You can search my website by collection - also PLEASE SUBSCRIBE to my site; so that you can keep up to date with any new collections & other exciting newsletter news.

I find the jewellery making process using polymer clay extremely satisfying & the design processes is only limited by my own creativity.

I mainly use high quality 'Sculpey Premo' clay as it is my personal choice for transforming slabs & canes into captivating & beautiful earring components.

But the creative process does not stop there, depending on the final baked product I then if needed pair them up with the best accessories - such as colour of the jump ring & assess if the piece is enhanced by adding metal pendants, tassels - to glazes or not to glaze - do I buff the pieces to get that enjoyable tactile buttery finish?????... So many choices

Every step of making & finishing off my handmade polymer clay jewellery process is extremely jubilant & each piece is made with loads of love & enthusiasm.

I get my inspiration from a variety of places, even from prior crafting - even the failed projects can teach you something! I also like to keep up to date with other crafters, blogs, trends & new mediums in the market to come up with my collection Ideas & designs.

I tend to make ‘individual’ pieces when I create & cut out a polymer clay slab, and over time I will return to add to collections… so future collection additions may have similar designs & styles :) but will always aim to have a point of difference between each piece.

This being said - if something is 'Out of Stock' don't despair, just contact me & we can turn that frown upside down... you can get your pick & wear it too.

Note for Custom Orders: there is a small processing fee ($5) & extended delivery timeframe as it takes a few nights to make a new completed product. Feel free to message me to discuss.

I am sure the item you pick will be as special as you & you will love it. - ENJOY SHOPPING

Designs can be custom ordered depending on your personal taste & colour pallet.

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